Our scope

We bring all elements of outdoor living together. With our professional designers and landscaping teams, we are able to create and build the garden of your dreams.  Our service has been streamlined to make the whole process of creating your garden as enjoyable and trouble free as possible. We have a wide scope of works and handle all aspects of project management around the house from irrigation systems, pool construction and grey water systems to tennis courts, driveways and earthmoving.

Great care is given to all stages of the project from the design to the installation and every effort is made to ensure that our workmanship and all work undertaken by our contractors are done to the highest standard.

The development and growth of your garden to its fullest potential is important to us as we are passionate about our gardens.


7 Steps to Creating Your Garden

1 – Choosing your designer

2 – Drawing up your design brief and establishing the costs of the design

3 – The presentation of the design proposal

4 – Completing the site analysis, technical specifications and the preparation of the quotation

5 – Presentation of the quotation and possible adjustments to your budget

6 – The Installation

7 – Developing your garden



The entire process is personalized with as much client involvement as desired. Initial meetings to discuss the concept and particular requirements of the client and the site are held with the designer and the brief will be confirmed in writing. The long term maintenance of the garden will be discussed during the initial discussions with the client as this affects the design and plant choice.

At this stage a quote will be given by the designer for the design stage. On acceptance, the design stage will involve analysis of the site, meetings with other professionals involved on the project, discussions with the client, production of a scaled design concept sketch, further discussions following presentation of the design concept, modifications until final concept is approved.

Once the design is finalized, a detailed quote is prepared by Heimo Schulzer Gardens. This sets out exactly what materials will be used and in what quantities. It also details many variables such as cartage and labour and will give an estimate of the time required for the installation of the garden. The quotes have been designed to give the client a concept of what will go into the landscape, and follows a detailed analysis of the site by Heimo. The requirements for changes in ground levels, drainage and soil amelioration will be included along with any other specialized requirements of the site and design.

The quote aims to be as flexible as possible so that items can be easily removed or added. Generally the work of an irrigation subcontractor is included along with other relevant specialized subcontractors, such as tree surgeons, stonewalling, boreholes and pumping systems. The company offers project management of the entire outside space around a house if required, i.e. pools, tennis courts, garden lightning, small building works, decking and other paving treatments, driveways, wood and steel screens.



Pic-6On acceptance of the quotation for installation, a programme will be drawn up and the procedure explained to the client. Other interfaces such builders, security and lighting contractors will be factored into the programme.

The project will be guided by Heimo and Morne who will undertake the project management, including any technical detailing and practical resolution of any design issues in conjunction with your designer.

The site will be managed by a Site Manager and a dedicated Foreman with a team of men experienced in the tasks to be undertaken in the garden.

During installation, plant choices will be discussed with the client. This is done by way of plants lists prepared by the designer for each section of the garden, which then are adjusted after discussion. Key plants such as instant trees may be the result of visits to nurseries together with the client. Client involvement is encouraged. The best way forward for the long term maintenance of the garden will be discussed and recommendations made.

On completion of the project, a handover meeting will be held when the irrigation system will be explained in detail to the client or the maintenance contractor. Key aspects of the maintenance will be discussed with the client to ensure that the client feels confident with their new garden. We take great pride in our customer service and are always on hand to be of assistance to our clients.